This blog includes a brief history of the outdoor learning center, photos, updates, and news of upcoming events.

The outdoor learning center began in 1988 at the former BES school on West Lee Street, which is now FDRESA.

The center has been enjoyed by students for Native American Studies, nature hikes, science lessons, art activities, and stories. Students can also write in their journals, do science experiments, or listen to guest speakers. Picnic tables are in each of the Outdoor Classrooms for class/student use.

Rules for the Outdoor Classroom

1. Stay on the paths.

2. Just look at the plants so others can enjoy them too.

3. Sit on the benches so they will stay clean and neat for the next group.

4. Leave the garden and trail as clean as or cleaner than you found it.

BES Nature Trail

Nature Trail Code of Honor:

I will look only and not touch.
I will stay on the trail.
I will not throw or drop trash on the trail.
I will use my soft voice.
I will leave the trail the way I found it.

BES Sensory Garden

BES Sensory Garden

BES Sensory Garden

The BES Sensory Garden was established in 2006.
Many of the plants are beginning to bloom and teachers and students are encouraged to explore our beds. Teachers have access to 10 laminated picture cards of these plants in the Media Center if you want to locate the plants on your walk.

Sensory Bed #1
River Birch
Tea Olivia
Japenese Boxwood
Crepe Myrtle

Welcome Bed #2
Natchez Crepe Myrtle

Native Beauty Bed #3
Tulip Poplar
Muhley Grass

Historical Bed #4
Longleaf Pine
Weeping Yaupon Holly

Traditional Bed#5
Southern Magnolia
Eastern Redbud

Ricky's Reports

Good Morning - April 25, 2012 - This is Ricky Racoon with another Nature Report. In our Southern Bog, the yellow flags (Iris pseudacorus) are blooming and are so colorful. We also have some ripe dewberries that are enticing some wildlife to nibble and drink the water standing at the bottom of the bog. We are also enjoying a numerous amount of baby frogs who were born and are growing up in this wet environment.
-Please beware! There is also some poison ivy around the edge and in the bog, it can be quite bothersome to some people who react when it is touched.
On the trail, we have had several trees fall in the woods along the trail, if visiting the trail, please be careful to stay on the trail and not get distracted looking for all of the new habitats for the citters that live there. Spring has brought a lot of new color to our woods, some beautiful colors of greens and some browns.
Happy Trails Everyone!

Nature Trail News - April 2012

This spring we are seeing many changes on our nature trail. We would like to share some of them with you.

Spring Has Arrived & Lots of New Growth Flourishes

Spring Has Arrived & Lots of New Growth Flourishes
We are observing a lot of tender new growth along the trail. Spring has arrived!

A Tough Winter for Some Shrubs

A Tough Winter for Some Shrubs
Some of the shrubs that were part of the grant from GSU, regretfully did not survive this winter.

Our Trail is Changing

Our Trail is Changing
Some of the trail is changing. We have new habitats for some of the critters that live there. Wonder what might live in this hollow?

Some Things Change, But to What?

Some Things Change, But to What?
Stumps of fallen trees change over the years. Can you guess what this has become?

Visitors Crossing the Path

Visitors Crossing the Path
Sometimes we have visitors crossing our nature trail, can you tell what this one was? If you guessed a ground mole, you were correct. Good Job!

Donation from McDonalds

Donation from McDonalds
Angela Driggers presented BES with a $250 check from McDonald's for the nature trail. BES thanks Angela with her committment to the outdoor classroom and McDonald's for their generous donation.
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